The Course Announcement: Hard People. Effective Ways to Resolve Conflicts. A Social Project of the Mediation Center Solis

Enrollment for October 2022

Course announcement

The Mediation Center Solis invites you to a short course of master classes on conflict resolution. This course will be useful to anyone who faces conflicts in the family or in the workplace.

The skills that can be acquired on the course are necessary for social workers, managers, personal service providers, mediators for professional development, lawyers, doctors, consultants.

Course facilitators will hold five seminars, where they will tell how to effectively resolve conflicts with family members, friends, colleagues and clients, how to achieve cooperation and effective communication.

The course consists of five face-to-face sessions, including practical exercises.
Course dates (on Sundays): October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.
Time of one class: 5pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Moscow, st. Chistova 15/15, library number 127. (Nearby is a beautiful green park, through which you can walk from the Volzhskaya metro station, 7 minutes).
Course fee: 10,000 rubles.

At the end of the course, the participant will learn to analyze the conflict, get out of the conflict and help other people to resolve the dispute. Such skills improve the mental and physical condition of people, directly affect health and improve the quality of life of a person and his family.

In addition, the participant will receive a certificate of completion of the Solis Mediation Center master classes course, which can serve as an additional bonus for everyone who works with people.

Applications for participation can be sent until 1 October 2022 to:

Course leaders:

Daria Zhdan-Pushkina - mediator, head of the Solis Mediation Center, lawyer practicing in the field of dispute resolution, commercial law and consulting for foreign clients, acts as an arbitrator in commercial disputes.

Natalya Frolova is a mediator at the Solis Mediation Center, head of the legal department of an international auto concern, practices in the field of managing internal legal issues of the company, in the field of settling corporate and financial disputes.

Course program:

1 class
Information transfer rules, feedback
Hard people (types of people according to personality traits and behavior)
Individual rights
Assertive behavior

2 class
Styles of behavior in conflict
Causes of the conflict
The dynamics of the development of the conflict
Ways to resolve the conflict

3 class
Family conflicts:
Forms of conflict flow
Development of family conflicts
Family conflict resolution, strategies, methods
Restorative mediation in work with adolescents

4 class
Workplace conflicts:
Intra- and interpersonal conflicts in the workplace
The role of the leader in conflict resolution
The Dynamics of Conflict in Organizations
Strategies, methods of conflict resolution in the organization
Forms of mediation in the workplace

5 class
Practice: Role-playing negotiations to resolve the conflict

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