Post-Release on the Training Mediation of International Commercial Dispute

On the 23d of April 2022 the business game Mediation of International Commercial Dispute was held.

The event was held with the support of the Legal Clinic of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Solis Mediation Center. Professional mediators, lawyers from law firms, in-house lawyers and HSE students took part in the business game.
The participants held negotiations on the settlement of two commercial disputes, discussed the difficulties of negotiations, the hidden interests of the parties to the dispute, gave each other recommendations and feedback on the results achieved.

Reviews of the participants of the event:

Yulia Cherkasova, mediator: "Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, to practice business mediation on the example of real cases as close as possible, and also for creating a wonderful friendly atmosphere. It was also useful to communicate with graduates of another mediation school.”

Larisa Kotova, mediator, lecturer at the Moscow State Law Academy: “Thank you to the organizers for an interesting, useful and informative meeting, which was held in a friendly, open atmosphere. The given opportunity to practice the skills of a mediator and the recommendations received are invaluable.”

Veronika Demidova, mediator, lawyer at a law firm: “I have only pleasant impressions of the Solis center event – ​​from the location to the sweets for tea. It was very helpful, as it is difficult for beginner picks like me to find space to practice, and practice is a must. Thanks to Daria Zhdan-Pushkina and Natalya Frolova for practical advice and for sharing their personal experience on specific cases, it was valuable.”

Yulia Sinitsyna, head of the legal department: “I liked everything very much: it was the international element that was interesting. About which, nevertheless, almost all the teams forgot, acted without taking into account national specifics. The feedback at the end of each case was helpful. Thank you so much for the event!"

Ekaterina Belousova, claims manager of an insurance company: “Thank you very much for the invitation and interesting cases. It was useful to remember the important stages of negotiations and methods, to get feedback, and it was also nice to realize that some decisions turned out to be close to reality.”

Anastasia Strygina, mediator: “I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to take part in a wonderful event - the business game “Mediation of an International Commercial Dispute”. Given the level of development of mediation in Russia, such an activity, where you can practice your skills live, is especially valuable. Thank you for the excellent organization, useful advice and pleasant professional communication.”

Marina Zavartseva, mediator: “There are two main impressions from the meeting, the first is a very friendly atmosphere, it is easy to work and study. The second impression is extremely valuable recommendations from the hosts, who shared, among other things, their professional experience. I have no experience in international mediation yet, so this was very helpful.

I thank my colleagues for the opportunity to additionally work out mediation techniques in conditions as close as possible to real practice: the task was to hold a mediation meeting, where the parties were students and specialists with no experience in participating in mediation. Everything is like in life! And I am personally very glad to have the opportunity to meet professional mediators and feel like a part of a professional community! I really look forward to the next meeting. Daria, Natalia, thank you!"

In June, the HSE Legal Clinic and the Solis Mediation Center are planning to hold a conference on the current state of mediation in England, the USA, Japan and China. Perhaps other countries will be discussed. The program is being formed.

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Photos of the event