The year 2023 for the Solis Mediation Center was bright and eventful

We always have a lot of ideas, plans and things to do, there is not enough time for everything, however, what we managed to do in the hot year of 2023 is a big breakthrough for us.

We were joined by professional mediators from different parts of Russia and the world with experience in business disputes (banking and finance, IT, trade, legal services, tourism, education, energy, corporations, criminal cases, intellectual property, insurance, real estate), and also in family and personal disputes:

Ekaterina Kucherova (Nizhny Novgorod)
Ulyana Udavikhina (St. Petersburg)
Sergey Markiyanov (Mordovia)
Ekaterina Samtsova (Moscow)
Charalampos Stamelos (Greece)
Elena Ivanova (Moscow)
Natalia Argandeeva (Chuvashia)
Polina Kondratyuk (Moscow)
Anna Kolomiets (Moscow)
Anthony Walker (Moscow)
Anna Sahakyan (Moscow)
Sergey Filin (Moscow)

Together we held two conferences:

“On the concept of development of mediation in Russia” (April 2023)
“On judicial reform in Russia from the perspective of mediators and the practice of resolving disputes in various sectors of the economy” (October 2023)

We conducted six scientific and practical webinars:

  1. On mediation in labor disputes
  2. On consulting in the legal business and the use of mediation in consulting
  3. On the settlement of IT disputes
  4. On techniques for resolving conflicts with tourists
  5. On peaceful resolution of corporate disputes
  6. On the settlement of disputes in case of general average in maritime transport

Our mediators have published 24 scientific and practical publications on the topics of mediation and conflict resolution.

We have started conducting educational mediations and plan to continue.

We have become partners in “Sreda Svoi”, a space for the development of NGOs, and have already held a final meeting of mediators and a new webinar with the participation of members of the Governing Board of the Solis Mediation Center on this platform, which will be aired soon.

We continue to actively cooperate with the Higher School of Economics and the Russian Arbitration Center and are planning several more joint events next year.

We have launched a course on mediation for 4th year students of the Faculty of Law of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the course lecturer will be Daria Zhdan-Pushkina, Executive director of the Center.

We all use mediation every day in negotiations, in the workplace, with colleagues and loved ones, and we give others the opportunity to come to an agreement and live peacefully, and we show how to do this by example.

We are very proud of our team and wish everyone a Happy New Year!